Amstrad CPC Software

The following Amstrad CPC Related Software is available for download. If you do not have a CPC, Caprice is a very capable emulator.


Addheader allows an Amsdos header to be added to any CPC file once it has been transferred over to a PC. This is useful when CPC emulators such as CPCEmu do not recognise the file, errors such as "Direct Command Found" will appear in this case. Full documentation and source code provided.

Download addheader.zip


This archive contains many utility programs written for the Amstrad. Included is a minimal screensaver and some binary-to-basic conversion utilities. Full contents are contained in the archive.

Download aonpd.zip

AON Samples

This archive contains some older utilities and games written by myself. Of varying quality, they may be of use to someone learning about the CPC.

Download aonsamp.zip

The following two archives are not written by me - I have just collected / published the files.

Type Ins Vols 1 and 2

This archive contains quite a few Amstrad programs that appeared mainly in Amstrad Computer User. There are some classics in here. Full contents can be found within the archive.

Download typeins.zip

Data PD Library Starter Tape

The original Data PD starter tape, containing quite a few Public Domain utilities and games. Quite a good collection.

Download datapd.zip

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