D-Link DRU-R100 Radio Software

The NetEasy D-Link Radio is a cheap and cheerful radio for your PC. Simply attach it to a free USB port and you've got a brilliant little music machine.

Unfortunately the recording software that comes with it is a bit tacky - there are much better alternatives out there such as Messer. Messer by default can't control the D-Link - however if you download ControlDLink, you can set up pre and post commands to tune, power on and off the D-Link.

Download ControlDlink.zip

Command Line Options

/? Show usage
/power on Turn power on
/power off Turn power off
/freq frequency Tune to specified frequency

Example usage

Typically your pre command will resemble:

ControlDlink /power on /freq 104.9

and your post command:

ControlDlink /power off

Source Code

Source code for the application is available - ControlDLinkSource.zip. A Project file for Visual Studio .Net 2003 is provided.

Other applications

Another very useful application to use with the DRU-R100 is Radiator. If you are looking for a Windows driver, I have had success with this set.

Recording from Scheduled Tasks

Messer is great, unfortunately a user has to be logged in for recording to start. If you want to record from a scheduled task, you can try the following - it's messy but it works:

  • Download and extract ControlDlink, Cmd2Wav and LAME
  • Download and extract these scripts which will kick off the recording process
  • Edit the scripts to reflect where you downloaded everything to, and where you want recordings to be placed
  • Use Radiator or another application to set your line in source / volume ready for recording
  • Test the script - run record.bat with three parameters, a filename, a frequency and the time (in minutes) to record, for example
    record.bat XFM_Rinse 104.9 1
    - if everything is working it should kick off recording for a minute, compress to mp3 and place the results in the output folder!
  • You can now set up scheduled tasks in windows to call record.bat

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