FileConv FileConv is an Amiga text formatting utility. The current version of FileConv is 2.50.

FileConv allows you to take text files produced on your Amiga and keep formatting whenever they are imported into PC or Macintosh based applications. These systems often do not by default import Amiga text files well.

It can also transfer PC and Mac files to the Amiga, and can even convert between the formats. Extended characters such as characters with accents are also reformatted to/from the Mac, and tabs can be reformatted.

Note that in order to use this program, you must have some way of reading/writing PC disks, eg. CrossDos or MessyDos.

If asked for a registration number, use 58862047

blitzFileConv is a product of the Blitz 2 development suite. No future development of FileConv is planned.

Download Fileconv.lha

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