The following software is available for download. Feel free to contact me if you find any of it useful, or if you have any suggestions to make.

Software for Windows

Countdown fans can use CountCheat to beat even the most smarmy of Countdown contestants.

Aonaware Syslog Daemon is an industrial strength Syslog server for Windows.

The D-Link DRU-R100 radio is a great PC-Add on - the recording software that comes with it isn't great though. Download something better here.

For all you Bayesian mathematicians out there, DSE is an application that allows you to try out Dempster Shafer theory.

Finally for the Techies, Service List allows you to troubleshoot those nasty Windows 2000 services.

Other Platforms

Transferring text files between the Amiga and PC or Mac is easy with FileConv.

The Amstrad CPC was a great 8-bit system; some random CPC software is available here.


For software licensing and disclaimer, see the licensing page.

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